Aloe Vera- Sonya Skincare Collection

So recently I very nicely got asked to review and try out some of the products from Forever living’s luxury skin care range; The Sonya Skin Care Collection. With working and having a passion in skin I couldn’t wait to try it and learn more about this range!

The collection consists of 5 staple products; a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum and a cream. Which I think is a perfect start as I always believe there is 5 steps to a good skincare routine: cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing, moisturising and protecting (so definitely ticks 4 out of 5 for me).

It all comes presented in a big box, so you do have an area to store all of your products, however I would say the packaging is a bit dated but don’t let that take away from the quality of products. Forever living is renowned for being natural and Aloe Vera based, and we all know Aloe Vera has many key benefits for our body internally/externally and especially for our skin! it’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, has amazing healing powers and the list goes on and on! Plus if your into your aesthetic treatments like myself its the perfect product to apply after any laser or micro-needling treatments YAY. Step’s are included in the box so it does tell you a little more information about the products, how to use them and how often.

Myself having definitely combination skin (that dreaded t-zone waaaa) I was very interested to see how much a difference it would make to my skin in a week.

Aloe Purifying Cleaner-

I used this every morning and evening, and I thought it was lovely on the skin. It Comes out in a creamy texture, smells fab Cucumber with lemon and just melts away the days dirt, then just wipe away with damp cotton pads until your cotton pads are clean. I found this took my makeup off really nicely and my mascara didn’t seem a problem either!

Aloe Deep Cleansing Exfoliator-

I used this twice this within the week in the evenings, as this gives a deep clean and scrub you don’t want to be too abrasive with your skin daily. if you have dry skin then I’d recommend only using this once a week, but if your more on the oilier side then you might need to use it twice like myself, as it just gets that top layer of dead skin off and gives your pores a good clean out leaving you feeling freeeeeesh! The exfoliator itself is made from jojoba beads which is fantastic as with some other exfoliators you find its small microbeads made from plastic which can scratch the skin and aids in water particle pollution (which is a very talked about subject at the moment)

Aloe Refreshing Toner-

This product you use every morning and evening after cleansing, as this helps close up all your pores and gives your skin that fresh boost! Just dab onto cotton pads and wipe on your skin in upwards and outward motions. Being alcohol free it doesn’t dry your skin out and left me feeling ready for the day and a nice base for my makeup.

Aloe Nourishing Serum-

This was my favourite, my holy grail product if you will. I only applied this in the evening after my cleanse/toning as this nourishes your skin with Aloe Vera, white tea and mimosa bark extracts helping to repair and restore my skin after the days tasks. I just loved how this felt and looked on my skin, it felt so smooth and silky and left my skin looking super dewy and hydrated.  I Laaaved it  even my partner commented on how nice my skin looked after using this. But I only used in the evening as I felt if I used it both morning and evening it would of been too heavy for my skin, especially being a little oily myself.

Aloe Balancing Cream-

Again when I used this I only used in the evening and only used once, this is your super rich cream from the collection, it helps to restore and balance your skins moisture, while also helping maintain the clarity of your skins texture/tone. I used this instead of the serum one night and did find my skin felt soft in the morning but I just loved the effect and look the serum gave me so mainly just stuck with that! I’m still not over the serum.

Overall I did really enjoy using this skincare range and found my skin over the week to be super hydrated and didn’t break out once! I think it would be perfect for dry, sensitive, more mature skin types or anyone looking to get into a good skincare routine. I also think it would be fab for teenagers to start with to learn about how to look after their skin and also something natural to use!

But if you have more problematic skin, whether it be acne, pigment, etc I think more medical grade products would be best.

Which I will write a blog about and what I would recommend if that’s something you want to read?! Please let me know in the comments below!

If you would love to also try these products or know a little bit more, then please feel free to contact Lucy on 07708593305  She is fantastic and very knowledgeable about all her products not just this range, anything aloe vera, head to toe, internal, external, you name it she covers everythaang. I believe the full kit is £130.67 however the products are all available to purchase separately and come in generous sizes 118ml-177ml, I wouldn’t say they are overpriced and they do feel very luxurious when on the skin.

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Mexico- Riviera Maya


Hola mis amigos!

I’m baaaaaack (sorry for the delay), but where do I begin?! Mexico was incredible with 10 days of pure bliss.

Myself and my partner recently stayed at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort And Spa after a few friends recommendations and could not of been happier with it Thank you Ben & Sam.

The resort is absolutely massive! so took a few days of exploring, but there are many shortcuts and has everything you could possibly want for a relaxing holiday; I would say its definitely a couples or family kinda thang. But there are three large pools on site, (2 family fun ones with plenty of activities throughout the day and a adults/quiet one for those who don’t want to hear ‘belly flop’ 1o times a day) most with swim up bars- I personally would recommend the ‘Miami vice’ cocktail- half pina colada and half strawberry daiquiri.. it is heavenly. Or if you don’t want to get wet, the staff are always up and down around the sunbeds to take orders. I can not tell you how fantastic the service was at the resort, the staff always had a smile on their face and couldn’t do enough for you, so praise be to them! And for those who don’t want to lounge around the pool then you’ll fall in love with their beach, stretched out for miles and with spectacular views, beach BBQ’s everyday and even a little ruin! (also if you get up early enough at around 7am-10am you can snorkel with sea turtles who graze on the sea grass) an experience not to be missed.


There are 11 restaurants on site and being all inclusive I took FULL advantage of these. 2 are your usual buffet  restaurants available day/night, whereas your other restaurant’s are all themed and have to be pre-booked as they fill up quickly! there is an Italian, Mexican, French, Brazilian, Steak house, Japanese, Mediterranean and Thai. As we were there for 10 days we got a choice of four and chose The Japanese, Italian, Mexican and Brazilian. I would highly recommend the Japanese as they cooked it all freshly in front of you and made it quite a show! The Brazilian was also fantastic with so many meats on offer… you did not leave hungry. However my favourite meal whilst away was the valentines special arranged by my other half (this was not included with all inclusive) but was beautiful. We had a four course candle lit dinner down on the beach with bottomless champagne, your own personal waiter and live singer and it was just perfect, honestly like a scene from a movie. And then returning to our room to find MORE champagne, the double bath filled to the brim with bubbles with candles and rose petals everywhere. Then awoken to full Mexican breakfasts delivered to our room, ALSO room service is free!! so any nights we were tired and stayed in bed this was a life saver.

But enough about the resort, Mexico is a beautiful place with plenty to see and do! My favourite excursion was Xcaret park, the best way I can describe it to you is as a wildlife theme park! Again this place is massive, we didn’t manage to explore it all but were there from 10am-10pm! There are many trails to follow around the park which tell you all about the history of Mexico, the conservation of wildlife, natural pools, caves, rivers.. the works! We also paid to do an activity called ‘sea trek’ whilst we were there and that was an incredible experience, a weighted helmet is placed upon your head so you can breath completely normal and not even get your hair wet! You walk along the sea floor following a bar with your designated scuba diver and the view is amazing, we saw so many wild fish and even had stingrays inches from us! Also being on ‘xcaret plus’ tickets we got free lunch/drinks and life jacket, flippers and locker! So got to explore in all the rivers and caves in a way you wouldn’t usually get the chance too! In the evening they do a 2 hour show which told by the locals is a must, a very high end production explaining Mexico through history with all singing and dancing show! However  my favourite part out of all this is how much Mexico wants to conserve its wildlife, you have to use bio-degradable sun cream not to damage the animal/plants, all straws come with a warning of how they take 10 years to degrade and the amount of wildlife is incredible! even at the hotel you can find animals everywhere you look (many taking you by surprise).


All in all I could not fault this holiday, if your looking for the perfect relaxing break for you/your partner/family then look no further, it may not be super modern but who wants to spend all their time indoors when your away! and at 29 degrees everyday in February with only 5 minutes of rain the whole time of being there I definitely can’t complain. There’s something for everyone whether it be a night with the themed evening shows or having lots of cocktails and dancing the night away at the sky bar! I promise you wont be disappointed.


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What on earth is cristal cryolipolysis I hear you say?!

A treatment popular with many celebs, it’s technology based on the fact that the fat cells in our body are very sensitive to cold temperatures, and at a certain temperature fat cells begin to die and our body naturally and gradually flushes them out. It’s non-invasive and designed to select and freeze fat cells through controlled cooling without damaging any of the surrounding tissue and after 8 weeks you should see a significant reduction!

If its good enough for a Kardashian, it’s good enough for me! (you go gal KoKo)

So could not wait to try this new treatment at my local skin clinic Skin Health Spa as soon as it became available!


Once in the room your aesthetician and yourself discuss the process and what area you would like to be treated ( you can choose from upper arms, love handles, lower/upper stomach, bra fat and thighs!) For me personally I HATE my arms and with going away on holiday soon it was a no brainer. Next the aesthetician measured my upper arms and noted it down so for my next treatment we can see what difference we have achieved!

After marking my chosen area out it was time for me to get on the bed and get myself comfy (you will be lying there for an hour so this is of utter importance) and then a protectant gel is placed on your chosen area as well as a material sheet to prevent discomfort and finally the hand piece is positioned on the area and the suction/cooling begins… now the fun part

For the first 5-10 minutes while your hand piece is on, I won’t lie it is a strange experience. However once you are numb you can’t feel anything and is up to you whether you nap, listen to some music, scroll through your phone or whatever takes your fancy! Your aesthetician will leave you to relax but will come and check on you every so often to make sure your still comfortable and to see how your getting on.

Once the hour is up your hand piece is taken off and the area is massaged to bring back to room temperature to help speed up the lymphatic and metabolic processes in the body. You may feel a little tender after, feeling numb is the weirdest part! you can also be a little swollen and bruising can occur but these are all normal contra-actions and will disappear in a few days. But carry on as you would do on a normal day! there is no downtime woooo!


THE RESULTS ARE PERMANENT! Similar to lipo once the fat cells are gone…they are gone. They won’t come back in that area, however be warned if you do not keep up with a healthy lifestyle and put weight back on it will go onto another area, eek!

As the fat cells are naturally and gradually flushed out of our body you usually see results as early as 6-8 weeks, however the process keeps on going for up to 4 months (generally there is a fat loss of 30%-40% in that area WOW) , and if your not satisfied you can return for another session 4 months after!


Personally I really enjoyed this treatment, virtually pain free and didn’t have to step foot in a gym or break a sweat, what’s not to like?!

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A little bit about me..

I’m a 23 year old living in the heart of Cheshire UK.

After studying my A levels and realising university was not for me….but researching makeup looks and skin products instead, I decided to turn my passion for beauty into reality and went back to study Level 2&3 Beauty Therapy which lead me to my current job as a Medical Aesthetician at a well known skin clinic which I love!

As well as being a self confessed shopaholic for makeup and a social media freak I thought it was about time to put my English literature and media A-levels to use and start a blog; showcasing my favourite products/makeup looks to you guys and also wanting to educate you on more advanced treatments you may be interested in, working in the industry and seeing clients day in/day out I have a good bit of knowledge and commonly asked questions I can provide the answer too! (hopefully).

There will probably be some other random bits and bobs I’ll talk about on here too, but I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that it helps to inspire and educate you too.

Much love,