Welcome To Fitzpatrick/Skin Types

It don’t matter if your black or white…Sorry MJ, in this case- it does.

What is The Fitzpatrack scale I hear you say?!

Well essentially In 1975 Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick developed a way to evaluate a how a persons skin responds to UV exposure in terms of the degree of burning and tanning! (hence the name- I’m going to name a pizza after myself one day- you wait). This system became known as the fitzpatrick scale and ever since has been used by Doctors, nurses and aesthetic practioners to help decide the best/strength of certain treatments like laser and chemical peels.

With it being summer… although not in Britain *shock, sun where art thou? But for many holiday makers and anyone who is interested in aesthetics or considering laser treatments or peels you should hopefully find this helpful and interesting! Watch…well read and learn 💁

SO the Fitzpatrick system consists of six skin types. Starting from type 1 (skin that never tans and always burns) all the way to type 6 (which always tans and never burns).


Skin type 1/ Emma Stone: Red, fair hair. Green or blue eyes, pale skin with freckles. Burns very easily, never tans. Very sensitive to UV exposure.

Skin type 2/ Gwyneth Paltrow: Blonde, darker blondes, red hair. Green, blue, grey and hazel eyes. Pale skin. Burns easily, rarely tans. Fairly sensitive to UV exposure.

Skin type 3/ Kelly Brook: light brown, dark blonde, chestnut hair. Brown, blue, hazel, green, grey eye colour. Neutral skin colour. Skin is defined by gradual tan, sometimes burns. Sensitive to UV exposure.

Skin type 4/ Mila Kunis: brown, dark brown, medium brown hair shade. Hazel or brown eyes. Skin is naturally tanned, olive.

Did you know? In lighter skins, signs of sun damage are usually seen through wrinkling and sagging noooo😲, thread veins, liver spots and many more. For those who are a skin type 1 with red hair they produce pheomelanin which is mostly ineffective at protecting the skin against UV rays (now you know redheads!).  Which can lead to pigmentation- described simply as ‘colouring’ it can show itself differently depending on the skin type, skin types 1-4 may start with ‘cute’ freckles but as they begin to age they enlarge and can age you visually- Lather on your high Factor! 👻

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Skin type 5/ Freida Pinto: dark brown to black hair. Brown eye colour. Darker complexion, which never burns tans easily and quickly darkens. Minimally sensitive to UV exposure.

Skin type 6/ Rihanna: black hair, dark eye colour. Dark and deep skin colour, defined by the absence of burns and the ability to obtain a dark tan with ease. Minimally sensitive to UV exposure.

Did you know? Darker skins usually look more youthful for longer, they have inherent protection meaning aging is much slower then it would be for lighter skin types. Those with skin type 6 mainly produce all eumelanin and that is very dark and highly effective at blocking UV rays and protecting the skin against UV damage. But it is a common mistake that people with skin types 5/6 no not need sun protection. While darker skin types have less issues with wrinkling and sagging they are more prone to pigmentation, often seen as sun spots or  ‘dyschromia’ where their skin is no longer that even brown/black tone and now have developed areas of light or dark patches.

Image result for dark skin pigmentationImage result for dark skin pigmentationImage result for dark skin pigmentation

All In All…

I fully believe Protecting your skin at an early age is so, so, SO important! It’s easy, you can literally just start with an SPF in your moisturiser or foundation and there, done. Yes, we all know about the risks of skin cancer as it’s shown everywhere but as I see more and more young’uns hitting the sun beds I think…

 ‘do you want to look good as you can for as long as you can?’ then cover with high factor, simple.

Honestly I laaaaaav to tan but slow bake is better then a quick fry! I promise you will still tan with sun cream on, just take it easy and you will be  a golden goddess/god in no time!


I hope this helped you learn something new today and you found interesting if your a skin geek like me!

If you would like to know more about pigmentation, laser hair removal or chemical peels please let me know in the comments below and I would be more then happy to write up a post!

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The Secret Of Skin Health…

I’m quite excited to share a little about this brand with you guys!

It’s a skin care brand I know for a fact that works- I use it day in/day out on clients with many of their aesthetic treatments and they see results, simple.

What makes it so special different to any other brand I hear you say? First of all its a cosmeceutical – meaning it’s a cosmetic that contains medical properties and very active ingredients. They are made not only for the appearance of your skin, but for the health of your skin. The creators of Flint plus Flint have put a lot of thought into these products and are very passionate about skin, being in the aesthetic industry for over 10 years (so they know what they’re talking about) they wanted to create something you could take with you, a treatment for at home if you will! It’s also been created for both men and women and for any skin type with the guarantee if you don’t like the products, get your money back!

With that said let’s have a look at some of their products, with the full skin care range it covers 11 products but they have also created skin kits to cater to specific skin concerns and skin care needs. So today I want to share with you their ‘everyday essentials’ kit- containing three staple products this is a good place to start if you wanted to try it out!



Image result for flint plus flint everyday essentials  

Glycolic cleanser £30 – A must have in my opinion! A nightly cleanser that resurfaces the skin, dissolves dead dulling skin cells, tightens pores (thank the lord) and reveals a more youthful radiant you! I will warn you it does tingle but that is completely normal and personally I quite like that fact as I know its doing something and leaves me feeling fresh. Glycolic acid is made from sugar canes and is famous for its anti-aging  and exfoliating properties and unlike many other acid based products, flint’s contains 12% glycolic acid (EU allowance is normally 10%) but as it contains soothing agents definsil and panthenol  it is not harsh or drying on the skin. All I would say is to avoid your eyes and any cuts, as its acid based that will definitely sting!

Serum £48 – I love, love, loooveeee this product. It smells lovely, feels lovely and basically its heaven. This product is for the nourishment and revitalisation of your skin and honestly leaves you feeling so, SO soft. Being vitamin C based its vital to your skins health, known for aiding in collagen production/ firming the skin and slowing down free radical damage it helps to reduce dryness, fine and lines and to reduce the appearance of pigmentation/scaring. Atoligomer rich in minerals also stimulates the vitality of skin cells while borage oil rich in fatty acids gives your skin that burst of hydration and heals dry/damaged tissue. For me this is perfect in the evening after I’ve cleansed and helps repair my skin after all my daily tasks and just leaves me looking a lot brighter and even! But you can also use it in the morning if you wanted to use something a bit richer then a moisturiser.

Moisturiser £32 – Where would we be without our trusty moisturiser, I don’t even want to think about it. Perfect for AM and PM this moisturiser is super light weight, absorbs in quickly and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy hurrah! Containing red raspberry seed oil its high in essential fatty omega acids and vitamin E giving instant moisture. Glycofilm also creates a second skin matrix and a film over the skin protecting from environmental damage and pollution.

There you have it! If you don’t take my word for it check out their product reviews online

✨ https://flintplusflint.com/blogs/news-reviews  ✨

Before you go…

Want to try the products with a facial treatment or learn more about the brand? Then why not visit their new concept clinic located in Harvey Nichols Manchester. Staffed with highly educated and experienced aestheticians, nurses and doctors they will advice what best to treat your skin concerns or even if you just want to have a pamper! There is plenty to choose from.

Book now on 0161 828 8856 or email man@flintplusflint.com

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Hope you found this post helpful and If you have any questions about any of the products please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!

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Until next time, may your skin glow from the inside out!

Steph x






A girl is never complete without her lashes…

Classic Lashes vs. Russian Volume Lashes

As you get to know me or if you have already met me you will know I have a sliiiight obsession with lashes.  I would also highly doubt you’d ever see me without any on (believe me its best you don’t- naked mole eyes).

 I find as women we always find a way to complain about something we don’t like ‘my lashes are too short, too thin, too straight or wont curl’ and ladies I give you my answer- Lash extensions– say goodbye to those panda eyes and eyelash curlers! I just think they are a god send and can really change up your look and open your whole face, even taking years off!

So today I’m going to talk through my two favourite types of extensions- Classic and Russian Volume Lashes. The differences between them and how to make them last and also to educate you a little on eyelashes and their growth cycle!

Classic Lashes-

Classic Lashes are your most natural looking lash extensions and are accomplished by applying one lash extension to one natural lash e.g if you have 100 natural lashes, you will have 100 lash extension’s applied. Before you get on the bed your lash technician will run through what look you want, and most carry between 9mm-15mm (natural to Kardashian) so a length to suit everyone. Personally I go for the big bad boys- the Kardashians will accept me one day… but for most 10mm-12mm is a good starting point, and you can customize and fan your lashes to start smaller from the inner corner and finish bigger on the outer corner to give your eye that feline flick! The whole process takes around an hour when on the bed and they will usually last you around 2-3 weeks before you need an infill.

I also think it’s very important to find the right technician girls! Do your research and protect your lashes. For classics I go to my local Skin Health Spa with beautician Rosie who uses Lash perfect ( a well renowned brand)  who also does an array of treatments and always gives me a good pamper! A full set with Rosie is £48 and 30 minute infills for £20. Here are some example’s of her lashes below and you can also follow her on Instagram:@rosieatskinhealthspa or contact on 01270 613890


Russian Volume Lashes-

These are my new found love! After recently trialling these I am hooked. Whereas your classics are a natural look these are your more dramatic wow lashes. Instead of one extension per lash these are when multiple extensions (2-6) are handmade into a fan and glued on to one natural lash. So if you had 1oo lashes you could double this! This is because these lashes are so much thinner then normal, meaning the weight of these lashes are equal or less then to classic extensions. So for people who do suffer from thin or sparse lashes this could be the saviour for you! Again before you get on the bed your technician will go through what desired look you’re after and can choose lengths and curls. J curl is more of a natural awake straighter look, whereas your C curl is your more dramatic curled up look. Because there are so many more lashes applied in this process, it also takes a longer length of time- 3 hours. However its the perfect excuse for an extra nap!  On the plus side because you have more lashes this means you do get extra time before you need an infill, usually 3 weeks after your initial appointment with the right aftercare- which I will go through later on.

For my Russian lashes I go to Rebecca Russian Volume Lashes…well she comes to me! She is a mobile lash technician who also has years of experience and also educates me every time on my lashes. For a full set at an introductory price it costs £50 –for an hour infill it is £25, 90 minutes infill  is £35 and for 2 hours infill is £45 . Below are some examples of her work and can be contacted by the link above or on 07800568482


So there you have it! The option of whether you want natural or full on, everyday or for an occasion, the choice is yours! 

I hope this helps you to make a decision, but either way there is no denying whatever type of extensions you have you wake up feeling ready for the day and save yourself 10 minutes of your morning routine for mascara and no worrying of that embarrassing moment if your strip lashes start to lift  if you have glue!

For aftercare and for fun education… please keep scrolling down


  • Do not get your lashes wet on the day of your appointment
  • Do not use a spa, sauna or pool for the first 24 hours. The extensions need that time to bond
  • Avoid pulling or rubbing your eyes- pulling will damage your natural lashes
  • Do not use eyelash curlers with extensions; you wont need to use them!
  • ONLY use oil free eye make up remover- as this will break down the adhesive
  • If your lashes get tangled or cross, use the spoolie/lash brush given to you in your appointment to gently brush and straighten them into place- I recommend to do this every am and pm.
  • Proper hygiene, after the first 24 hours lashes are fine to get wet, keep them clean by regular washing
  • If you wish to use mascara, not that you would need to make sure its not oil based or waterproof.
  • When sleeping try avoid sleeping on your front or side, as this can bend your lashes. Also invest in a silk pillow case- also added benefits for your skin and hair!

Lash Cycles

Even though it might not seem like it, every hair on your body has a growth cycle, including eyelashes. It will grow to certain length, reach its full cycle and then fall out. Our lashes grow in 3 cycles.

Anagen– the active growth stage, where the lash is still attached to the dermal papilla (blood supply) around only 40% of our lashes are in active growth at one time, this usually lasts 3-4 weeks.

Catagen– The transitional stage, during this time the eyelash stops growing and the eyelash follicle shrinks, this usually lasts 2-3 weeks.

Telogen– This is the resting phase and can last 100 days plus before lashes start falling out.

Each eyelash has its own cycle so there are some lashes in each phase at all times so is normal every few days for lashes to fall out, and you’ll find your extensions will fall out with your natural lash cycle so don’t worry if you see them coming out unless its a lot! why we recommend an infill every 2-3 weeks. Make sure not to pull at your extensions as pulling these will also pull at your natural lashes meaning you will be left with no visible lashes as you have disturbed the lash cycle and will be a while before they grow back to the resting stage telogen. A new one will not grow any faster if the hair was prematurely removed, so maybe creating a less full look then normal for a space of time. But so long as you look after your extensions all shall be fine! Plus there are so many different lash serums on the market now, your lashes will be nursed back into shape!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and have helped educate you a little more on lashes and not be so scared to take the plunge at extensions if you want a change! Perfect for holidays, weddings and everyday wear… What’s not too like!

Any questions or any posts you’d like to see please leave a comment below as would love to hear from you!  keep up to date with me on Instagram : @stephaniegrace_blog

Now go flutter away and bat your eyelashes at EVERYBODY

Alllllllll the love, Steph x


Aloe Vera- Sonya Skincare Collection

So recently I very nicely got asked to review and try out some of the products from Forever living’s luxury skin care range; The Sonya Skin Care Collection. With working and having a passion in skin I couldn’t wait to try it and learn more about this range!

The collection consists of 5 staple products; a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum and a cream. Which I think is a perfect start as I always believe there is 5 steps to a good skincare routine: cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing, moisturising and protecting (so definitely ticks 4 out of 5 for me).

It all comes presented in a big box, so you do have an area to store all of your products, however I would say the packaging is a bit dated but don’t let that take away from the quality of products. Forever living is renowned for being natural and Aloe Vera based, and we all know Aloe Vera has many key benefits for our body internally/externally and especially for our skin! it’s anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, has amazing healing powers and the list goes on and on! Plus if your into your aesthetic treatments like myself its the perfect product to apply after any laser or micro-needling treatments YAY. Step’s are included in the box so it does tell you a little more information about the products, how to use them and how often.

Myself having definitely combination skin (that dreaded t-zone waaaa) I was very interested to see how much a difference it would make to my skin in a week.

Aloe Purifying Cleaner-

I used this every morning and evening, and I thought it was lovely on the skin. It Comes out in a creamy texture, smells fab Cucumber with lemon and just melts away the days dirt, then just wipe away with damp cotton pads until your cotton pads are clean. I found this took my makeup off really nicely and my mascara didn’t seem a problem either!

Aloe Deep Cleansing Exfoliator-

I used this twice this within the week in the evenings, as this gives a deep clean and scrub you don’t want to be too abrasive with your skin daily. if you have dry skin then I’d recommend only using this once a week, but if your more on the oilier side then you might need to use it twice like myself, as it just gets that top layer of dead skin off and gives your pores a good clean out leaving you feeling freeeeeesh! The exfoliator itself is made from jojoba beads which is fantastic as with some other exfoliators you find its small microbeads made from plastic which can scratch the skin and aids in water particle pollution (which is a very talked about subject at the moment)

Aloe Refreshing Toner-

This product you use every morning and evening after cleansing, as this helps close up all your pores and gives your skin that fresh boost! Just dab onto cotton pads and wipe on your skin in upwards and outward motions. Being alcohol free it doesn’t dry your skin out and left me feeling ready for the day and a nice base for my makeup.

Aloe Nourishing Serum-

This was my favourite, my holy grail product if you will. I only applied this in the evening after my cleanse/toning as this nourishes your skin with Aloe Vera, white tea and mimosa bark extracts helping to repair and restore my skin after the days tasks. I just loved how this felt and looked on my skin, it felt so smooth and silky and left my skin looking super dewy and hydrated.  I Laaaved it  even my partner commented on how nice my skin looked after using this. But I only used in the evening as I felt if I used it both morning and evening it would of been too heavy for my skin, especially being a little oily myself.

Aloe Balancing Cream-

Again when I used this I only used in the evening and only used once, this is your super rich cream from the collection, it helps to restore and balance your skins moisture, while also helping maintain the clarity of your skins texture/tone. I used this instead of the serum one night and did find my skin felt soft in the morning but I just loved the effect and look the serum gave me so mainly just stuck with that! I’m still not over the serum.

Overall I did really enjoy using this skincare range and found my skin over the week to be super hydrated and didn’t break out once! I think it would be perfect for dry, sensitive, more mature skin types or anyone looking to get into a good skincare routine. I also think it would be fab for teenagers to start with to learn about how to look after their skin and also something natural to use!

But if you have more problematic skin, whether it be acne, pigment, etc I think more medical grade products would be best.

Which I will write a blog about and what I would recommend if that’s something you want to read?! Please let me know in the comments below!

If you would love to also try these products or know a little bit more, then please feel free to contact Lucy on 07708593305  She is fantastic and very knowledgeable about all her products not just this range, anything aloe vera, head to toe, internal, external, you name it she covers everythaang. I believe the full kit is £130.67 however the products are all available to purchase separately and come in generous sizes 118ml-177ml, I wouldn’t say they are overpriced and they do feel very luxurious when on the skin.

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Much love x